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Keith Wier, Attorney at Law
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Welcome To Keith Wier, Attorney At Law

Texas Attorney, Keith Wier, founded his practice to bring the highest quality legal representation and counsel to Plano – and all the rest of Texas. As a trusted source of legal counsel, he focuses on bringing strong legal help to those who need the best advice and representation. As a client-centered firm, you can be sure that your case will be managed personally by Mr. Wier. With his individual time and attention, he will tailor his approach to your case while keeping your specific needs in mind.

This firm’s goal is to provide superior client service – and we understand that superior service includes considering our client’s budget. Attorney Keith Wier is passionate about finding productive solutions to his client’s legal problems, and he aims to do so with efficiency and affordability.

Attorney Keith Wier has over 25 years of experience in legal representation and is sincere about exceeding his client’s expectations. With a track record of successful case outcomes, Mr. Wier is eager to provide his unique legal services to his valued Texas clients.

Our Clients

With a diverse client base, Mr. Wier has offered his professional liability defense work to realtors, insurance agents and brokers, lawyers, and other similar professionals. Representing professionals of this caliber has greatly informed Mr. Wier’s legal strategies, enabling him to expand his skills and knowledge with every case he manages. Wherever your legal issues may lie, Attorney Keith Wier is equipped to work with you to find the best legal recourse available for your case.

Areas Of Law That Attorney Keith Wier Focuses On

Our firm has worked hard over the past two decades to cultivate a diverse legal approach that is rooted in experience and competence. With this background, Attorney Keith Wier is able to employ his skills in each case with a heightened comprehension of the law. He focuses his legal practice on the defense of individual and class action lawsuits under state and federal consumer statutes, professional liability defense, compliance issues for members of the collection industry, and probate litigation.

Throughout his career, Mr. Wier has gained substantial experience defending entities such as collection agencies, law firms, debt buyers, and creditors in consumer litigation cases. In addition to this, Mr. Wier is certified as a specialist in consumer and commercial law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization.

Class Actions

Class action lawsuits require a heightened level of legal representation. Whether you are an individual or part of a larger entity, a class actions attorney will play a large role in how your legal protection is exercised. No matter your situation, there is no case that class action lawsuit lawyer Keith Wier can’t find productive outcomes for. With his many years as a legal defense attorney, Mr. Wier knows which strategies to utilize to achieve a quick and efficient resolution.

Liability Defense

If you or your company has been accused of causing a personal injury, it is more important than ever to secure a professional liability defense lawyer. This legal representation will be instrumental in obtaining a legal conclusion that doesn’t financially devastate you or your business. Protecting yourself in liability cases will enable you to face the issue while retaining legal security throughout the process. Attorney Keith Wier is prepared to offer his assertive legal defense to individuals or companies that are in the midst of a liability case.

Debt Collection Compliance

If you are dealing with allegations of debt collection compliance issues, a lawyer from our firm will make sure that your rights are protected. Sometimes debt collection agencies are accused of using unscrupulous practices to recover funds. If you believe that this is happening to you, contacting Attorney Keith Wier is the first step in settling your case. You deserve the legal counsel required to defend you and your agency – and Mr. Wier is qualified to do so with professionalism and confidence.

Probate Litigation

If a loved one has passed away and there is an issue with “proving” their wishes in court, a probate litigation attorney will be crucial to finding a sustainable solution to this problem. Attorney Keith Wier is very familiar with trusts, wills, and other estate planning issues that arise during the probate process. What’s more, he knows the court procedures involved in disputing a trust or contesting a will which are often prominent in probate cases.

Client Testimonials

Why Choose Keith Wier, Attorney At Law To Manage Your Legal Affairs?

Finding the right attorney can be challenging – our firm aims to make this choice a little easier by providing you with all of the information about us that you may need.

Keith Wier, Attorney at Law is a legal professional that offers years of experience to his clients. This speaks volumes about the individualized approach he has to each case, and how he utilizes his knowledge to find sustainable solutions to complex legal matters. No matter what legal issue you may be facing, Mr. Wier is prepared to provide you with the available options at hand so that you can make informed decisions about your future. If you are searching for an attorney who will stand with you every step of the way, Attorney Keith Wier is the right lawyer for you.

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